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Progress report

The Foundation for Peace is excited to report that our team helped finish the roof of the vocational school last week!

“Thanks to hundreds of Haitian and US volunteers over the past 2 years, the project reached an important milestone…. the large roof was poured this week! This took 12 hours, 150 people (including 120 Haitians) and about 20,000 buckets passed through the lines.”

For more information on this project, visit




An update!

Here’s an update from the team. They’ve been helping with the construction of an outer wall around the school. On Monday they’ll get a chance to interact with some local children.

In Haiti, we have assisted with digging a trench on Thursday for a outer wall and then passing buckets on Friday to build a roof. Today we walked to the lake nearby our Hotel and visited Miracle Village where we played soccer with the kids and also had arts and crafts. In the morning, we will go to church and then start our week with construction work again on Monday.

“Can ya dig it?”

They’ve arrived!

Pastor Valentin from Foundation for Peace reports that the team has arrived in Fond Parisien. They’re eating dinner and probably looking forward to some rest after their flights.

We’ll keep you updated!


Meet the Team: Lex

Hi I’m Lex!! 🙂

I am going into my Senior year at Seattle Pacific University, and majoring in Communications. I have yet to find another University as rich in God and loving toward the community. Haiti will be the first country I have yet to participate in in regard to mission trips. I am very fluxed with mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness. Overall I know that God will watch over the Haiti Team and bless our work in country will help to make a difference for the Port-au-Prince Community.

For everyone at home, thank you for all your prayers, love, and support. See you all again on July 25!

God bless,

Lex ❤

Here they go!

Team Haiti wins the award for quickest SPRINT airport send-off! This afternoon five of the six team members flew from SeaTac Airport in Seattle. Brinlee will join the team in Newark tomorrow morning for the flight to Port-au-Prince.

Over the next two weeks the team will join the work of Foundation for Peace (, assisting in the construction of a vocational school, as well as some other projects. We’ll keep you updated as they go.

Please let me know if you have questions – my email is or my phone is 206-427-1296.

Thanks for your support of this team!

Owen Sallee
SPRINT Advisor


Meet the Team: Danae

Hey, I’m Danae! I’m a sophomore at Seattle Pacific University and am majoring in nutrition with an emphasis in dietetics. I really enjoy running, taking pictures (I’ll take a ton in Haiti!), and spending time with friends and family (and my dog, Trooper, in the picture).

This is my first mission trip so I’m very excited, but also nervous! I’ve always wanted to go on a mission trip, and knew SPRINT was the perfect opportunity! I chose to go to Haiti because I’ve heard a lot about everything they’ve been going through within the past few years and really wanted to help out in any way possible. I look forward to building relationships with the people there and to leave a lasting impact in Haiti.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what God has in store for all of us and how this experience will shape everyone involved. I’m excited to be able to experience the culture of another country and everything that that involves.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated, especially for all of the team as we continue to prepare ourselves and during the summer while we are all apart before the trip. We’ll keep you updated on prayer requests and what we’re up to throughout the trip!

Thanks for all of your support!

-Danae Ellis

Meet the Team: Isaac

Hey everyone!

My name is Isaac Robinson and i am a freshman at Seattle Pacific University! I plan on double majoring in Philosophy and Theology with an emphasis on Biblical Scriptures.

I love to read, write, be active in sports or just working out or running/climbing! I probably will be writing poetry while i am in Haiti, and our group will be doing devotionals every morning before we work which is the right way to start off the day! I love God above everything else and God is my Savior and Friend!
Haiti wasnt my first choice, but in the end Haiti chose me. God has called me to go on this wonderful trip and i am so stoked to see what God will change in me. I am excited to go on this trip and to be able to do God’s work in Haiti! I have already worked construction before and it has been a while since i have done work with my hands on a construction site. I also am excited to be doing VBS on Sundays as well! I love children and they bring me much joy!

Some prayer requests i have are that we remain safe, we remain focused, and that our group will bond and that God will work through us. I hope also that the change that happens in us while we are on trip will be noticeable so that we may proclaim God’s glory to people in our home towns and to anyone and everyone! I know that this trip will be a grand experience for both us as the missionaries and to those that receive and meet us!

God is good!

With lots of love,

Isaac “Speedy” Robinson