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Our first official post…finally

July 21, 2012


So…sorry for the delay, believe it or not we didn’t have internet at the hotel we were staying at, weird right? Basically, this trip has been absolutely incredible.  Word’s cannot describe the way God’s working here.  Leading up to the trip we weren’t really sure what to expect.  A place so torn by the earthquake lead us think that the nation would be broken, both in a physical sense and emotional sense.  To our surprise Haiti and it’s people can only be described with one word, beautiful.  As we began meeting people and really seeing Haiti for ourselves, the first thing we noticed were the people.  
    When we would enter into a village or camp, we were greeted with nothing but smiles, hands to hold, and children to carry.  They were ecstatic to see us. They would run up to us and smile, say a few words we couldn’t understand, to which we would respond with a God awful attempt at making a coherent sentence in Creole.  Next thing you know, you were holding their hand and running around everywhere with them.  Once they got ahold of you, you never wanted to leave them.  You just wanted to keep on showing them love.
    It was amazing to us that people who had gone through such a terrible tragedy, had so much love and optimism.  The look in their eyes was not one of emptiness but instead a look of faith and hope.  They are not a people who have just given up, but instead they are a people who live their lives the best they can while they do everything they can to make better all that was lost in the earthquake.
    We weren’t alone while in Haiti.  With us, there was also a group from Princeton, New Jersey called Konekte which means “to connect” in Creole.  The group was made up of parents, students, and coaches from the Princeton Futbol Club.  At first, it was a little difficult aligning our goals and mission with theirs, but by the end of the trip we were all one big family with one collective goal.
    Together, we were able to accomplish a lot.  For example, we put on a soccer clinic, played soccer games, and hosted a huge tournament for four local teams from various villages.  It was incredible seeing how excited and how into the games the Haitians were.  There were fans for each teamIn addition to the soccer games, we spent a lot of our time on the vocational school worksite.  There, we dug a trench which will serve as the foundation for a wall surrounding the school, as well as laid concrete down for the roof of the school.  For more info on the worksite you can check out the Foundation for Peace Website (
    And now we find ourselves at Pastor Valentine’s house.  Konekte is on their way back to New Jersey and we have left the Peace and Love Hotel, where we’ve stayed at for the past nine nights.  It was sad saying goodbye to everyone as we actually grew very close and made good relationships with members of the other team.  However, we need to focus on these next three days to make them the best they can be.  Now that we’re at Pastor’s house, we’ll be able to update the blog, so expect another update tomorrow night.  Much love, and thank you for all you’re prayers and support!

“Can ya dig it?”

Kaylee, Connor, Isaac, Danae, Lex, and Brinlee


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